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J30JZ series micro rectangular electrical connector detailed specification
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J30JZ series micro rectangular electrical connector detailed specification

Product features:
1 specification is 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 66, 74, 100 cores 10.

2 Mesh of contact parts (from the butt face) : 1.27mm spacing, 1.1mm spacing.

3. The product features: low insertion force, high
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Product introduction

The technical features


Product family tree



Quality, and the pressure


Mechanical life


Model named

Insulation resistance

≥ 5000MΩ  100VDC

735m/s2   11ms

J63A series shocks


Power spectrum density 0.4g2 /Hz total acceleration root value 23.1g

Random vibration


Shock move



Rated current


≤ 15mΩ

The environment temperature



Contact resistance

Specifications are 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 66, 74, 100 cores 10

Mesh of contactor (see from the butt face) : 1.27mm spacing, 1.1mm spacing

The product features: low insertion force, high contact reliability and long mechanical life

Wire is suitable for 0.1mm2 ~ 0.15mm2

The contour size of this series of products is smaller than that of conventional J30J products of the same specification. The length is 5mm (min), the width is 2.9mm (min), and the height is 2mm (min). With a volume of only about 40% of that of the regular J30J products, it is a kind of micro-rectangular electrical connector with reasonable and reliable structure.

For the higher requirements of screw strength and shell strength, the corresponding products of stainless steel shell materials can be selected according to the naming provisions.

The product performance meets the requirements of GJB2446, equivalent to the U.S. standard mil-dt-83513


Product features


Spectrum arrangement

J30JZ/X   - X     X     X   –  ZK   - CA     L01

③     ④      ⑤       ⑥      ⑦     

J30JZ/X   - X     X     X   –  TJ   - CA     P01

(additional instructions)

(additional instructions)

Main name: J30JZ- mini rectangular electrical connector smaller in volume than J30J series regular products of the same specification

J30JZ/X-J30JZSeries mini rectangular electric connector with light plug force

Materials and surface treatment: n-aluminum case, electroless nickel plating                         

G alloy chromium plating                       

S- stainless steel passivation

Shell structure: P- vertical mounting structure

L-horizontal mounting structure

PE- the contour size of the product is the same as that of J30JZ contour ZKCA000 series. For the butt end of the shell M2 threaded hole, the sunk hole with a depth of 2.8mm and a depth of 1.2mm is added, which is suitable for the L02 type accessory

Does not represent - free end shell structure

③ Number of contacts:9、15、21、25、31、37、51、66、74、100

④ Type of contact parts: TJ - plug mounting pins

ZK - Socket jack (TJ and ZK are fixed)

⑤ Tail form: CA - compression S A- welding

NA - Insert the printing plate      W A- Curved inserted PCB

⑥ Lock component categories:000-No locking components   P01-Tighten the assembly with mounting screw  L01 with locking screw


Note: additional instructions are not an integral part of the order mark. When selecting the wire, please indicate in brackets the specification of pressed wire such as cross section area, length and color. For special connection requirements, please provide connection relationship. J30JZPEN voltage ZKCA000 type socket is mainly applicable to the free end swing line which needs to be locked. J30JZ straight inserted hard board series 74, 100 core pin is 0.4mm, so as to reduce the diameter of PCB welding plate (0.55mm) and reduce the technical difficulty of the user's cloth plate.

J30J product family tree can be combined by plug (seat),Lock component family tree,Line clamping piece family tree,And the plug (seat) family tree are respectively listed as follows:

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