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500 series single pin push-pull connector
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500 series single pin push-pull connector

Product features:
Plug the product into jack, socket into pin;
The contact parts of the plug and socket are designed to be touch-proof, which can effectively prevent electric shock.
As required, high pressure interlock
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Product introduction

Product contour size

Product pictures


Product features


Fitting the cross section of wire



Order mark


The environment temperature

48 hours

Salt fog

IP67 (after plug and socket is inserted)

IP protection class

Rated current


Insulation resistance


Withstand voltage

2000V DC

500 times

Mechanical life


Product plug into jack, socket into pin;


The contact parts in the plug and socket are designed to avoid touch, which can effectively prevent electric shock.

As required, the high voltage interlocking terminals can be loaded in the product, and temperature sensors can also be loaded at the same time.The cable clip at the end of the plug can tighten the cable and effectively prevent the cable from rotating under force.

There are various specifications of the press tube of the inserted needle contact part of the plug, and they can be respectively pressed with wire of 70mm2, 95mm2, 120mm2, 135mm2 and 150mm2.

The straight plug


The socket




① Main name: KRX

② Product category: 00- socket

③ Key code: there are five buttons: X, Y, U, V and W

④Rated current: 50-500a

⑤ Hv interlock: 1 - hv interlock, 0 - hv interlock

⑥ Copper platoon connection hole specification: there are two kinds of specifications of the connecting hole, respectively is Φ 10, M10

⑦ Temperature sensor: T -- represents temperature sensor with no mark -- represents temperature sensor without mark


① Master said codes:KRX

② Product category:18—The straight plug

③ Key code: yesX、Y、U、V、WFive keys

④ Rated current:50—500A

⑤ High pressure interlock:1—Interlock with high voltage、0—No high pressure interlock

⑥ Specifications of terminal clamp cylinder:There are four specifications of the terminal:70、95、120、135and150,Pressure welding respectively70 mm2、95 mm2、135 mm2、120 mm2、150 mm2Wait for 5 kinds of cable

Socket order mark

The technical features

Plug order mark

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