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Product installation and docking instructions
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Product installation and docking instructions

Product features:
According to the different structure forms of plug and socket, the mounting end of the connector and the mounting plate shall be installed in the following ways: the case nut shall be installed vertic
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Product introduction

Docking instructions

Install and use

Mounting plate

According to the different structure forms of plug and socket, the fixed end of the connector and the mounting plate shall be installed in the following ways: the case nut shall be installed vertically with the straight thread, and the case with the threaded mounting hole shall be installed horizontally.


①Steps for the installation and use of compression products:

Selection of mounting screw (see Ⅰ) - > install (see Ⅲ) - wire fixation (see Ⅳ) - welding wire (see Ⅴ).

②Steps for installation and use of PCB products:

Remove the sheath (see Ⅱ) to install the selection of screw (see Ⅰ) to install (see Ⅲ), welding pin (see Ⅵ).

Ⅰ Selection of mounting screws

The specification of the screw is M1.6. The length of the screw depends on the thickness of the mounting plate and the permissible length of the screws shown in the series. If you do not add flat pad and spring pad, you can apply medium strength thread locking agent to the screw thread for reinforcement.

Recommended selection of screws: gb67-m1.6 x L (L is the length), recommended selection of elastic pad: GB93 1.6, recommended selection of flat pad: gb848-1.6, if the screw locking agent is used for auxiliary fixation, the elastic pad and flat pad are not selected. If you require our company to provide installation screws, please specify in the contract.

Removal of cover for PCB products

The purpose of the jacket is to protect the rear pin of the product. The jacket is fixed on the shell by a slotted screw. When removing the jacket, it is necessary to avoid touching the pin. Remove the screw first, and then take out the jacket in parallel with care to avoid deformation of the pin.


Ⅵ Welding pin

1)Pin welding


After the installation of the perforated PCB product, the pin is welded. The pin is operated according to the manual welding process technical requirements of aerospace electronic and electrical products qj3117-99.


2)Welding of TAB type product pins

It is recommended to use reflow welding technology to perform welding on the tabulation products. Operate according to the technical requirements of reflow welding of aerospace electronic and electrical products qj3173-2003, and install and fix the pasted products with screws.


1、Connector with locking screw

When connecting the product, connect the plug and socket first, and then screw the screw with a small one-word screwdriver with a groove. When rotating, you must first twist one half circle on one side, then the other half circle on the other side, and repeat the operation until the joint is fully inserted. Do not wring one side out (or too much), and wring the other side to avoid damaging the product; When the shell is basically aligned, no force should be applied.


 2、Connector with directional function

Connector with guide function, plug with guide pillar, socket with guide hole. When using, fix the connector on the mounting plate first. When docking, insert the guide column of plug and socket into the guide hole directly, and then gently adjust the product to plug the connector into place (not violent plug, strong plug, will damage the product).
After the connector is inserted into place, the mounting plate should be fixed to prevent the plug and socket from being loose and the connector from bearing the weight of the mounting plate.

Ⅲ The installation

Install according to the opening size and installation drawing of the corresponding product. If the anti-loose washer is not used, the screw locking agent should be applied at the screw thread.

Ⅳ Fixed cables are required for tape products

As the wires used by the product are easy to be damaged and the products are affected, it is better for the cable to be fixed on the installation panel. Generally, the wires 50 ~ 100mm away from the end of the product should be tied and fixed.

Ⅴ The welding wire

When the wire is connected to the PCB or other places by welding, it is recommended to fill and seal the welding joint with glue, so as to prevent the core wire break at the welding. Protective measures shall also be taken for the welding of wire and other places.

Product installation and docking instructions

A connector fitted with a sheath

 Jacket removal diagram

Hard object



Heat shrinkable tube



The plug and socket joint shall be twisted and tightened simultaneously with a screwdriver

Lock screw

There is a groove structure and hexagon structure

The front thread of the connecting nut is used for docking and locking screw, and the back thread is used for mounting

Mounting plate

The plug

The socket

Mounting plate

Steering column

Guide hole

  Remove the screw and remove the cover 

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