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J63A vertically install the compression socket
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J63A vertically install the compression socket

Product features:
The free end of the product is not fixed and is usually connected with a plug with a connecting nut.
The screw is fixed on the casing and can not be removed.
The locking screw (JC) with a groove is of
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Product introduction

The connecting nut is a threaded structure, the front thread is used for locking with the locking screw, and the back thread is used for installation.
Connect with the plug with the locking screw.

Product features:


The series dimensions:

Lock screw


The main symbol

2 rows of contactor

Compression plug

Nickel plating


Number of contacts

Pressure socket

Contact a plating

J63A     –     2     2     2     –     025     -     26     1     –     TH 

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