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ADD:Building 23, standard workshop,     Guian new district of guizhou province high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park south park

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        Guizhou guian new area dongjiang technology co., LTD., founded in 2014, with registered capital of 10 million yuan, is located in no.23 building, south park of high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park, guian new area. Guizhou province is a high and new technology enterprises, guigongdai directory enterprises, specialized and special new directory enterprises and guizhou province thousand enterprise transformation key support project enterprises. It is also the supporting backbone enterprise of the domestic military connector industry. At the same time, the company is the key observation unit of the second provincial inspection meeting in 2018. In this inspection meeting, the production technology of the company was highly recognized by xia hongmin, secretary of the provincial discipline inspection committee and director of the provincial supervision committee.

       The company's basic business is the research and development, sales and production of all kinds of electrical connectors and core parts, and the products are matched to the aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, electronics and locomotives and other industries, with the characteristics of light weight, small size, high precision, high reliability and complex. The company is particularly good at small contact parts manufacturing, a number of technologies in the international advanced level. At the same time, the company is also a major research and development enterprise of automation equipment in guizhou military industry, specializing in developing professional automatic production lines and equipment to improve efficiency for aviation and aerospace related enterprises in guizhou province, as well as providing strong guarantee for upgrading and upgrading of the company's own production lines.

       The company has 185 employees, including 16 managers and 36 technicians. Has the processing center, the numerical control lathe and each kind of specialized automation production equipment 136 sets/set. The company has strong self-transformation ability of production equipment, fast update of equipment and strong product quality assurance ability. It has implemented ISO9001 quality management system certification (gb) and GJB9001 quality management system certification (gb), and passed the three-level confidentiality qualification at the end of 2018.

       Adhering to the "fast initiative, happy to achieve" style of doing things, committed to "continue to optimize the module with wisdom". Open technology, not afraid of failure, have the courage to innovate, have the courage to assume social responsibility, with their own practical action to contribute to the local economy.